KJN: I’ve heard at least three answers to how you chose the name Legendary Pink Dots, and I was wondering ... if you make up a story each time or if there is one real answer.

EK: There is one real answer, I was just actually becoming really annoyed about giving the same answer over and over again, so we made up some really ridiculous things like, sort of like, diseases and spots growing on Phil’s face in the shape of King Arthur, you know. It was basically this old piano we had in the squat where we began — it just had blotches of pink nail varnish on the keys. I mean, the piano came from about 1908 or something, and we were curious, you know, about why were they there — because if you press them all together it’s just a very odd discord — a very pleasing one. And um, you know, we wondered if actually those blotches of pink nail varnish went back to 1908, so they quickly became known as “those legendary pink dots.” And because we had such a boring name right at the beginning — we were called “One Day” for about a month, you know, so that name tended to, sort of like, creep into our consciousness.

KJN: That’s one of the three versions I heard, actually.

EK: That is the true one.

KJN: Well somebody had said it was a theory of the philosophy of the history of time, or something, and someone else said a type of acid.

EK: Apparently it was a type of acid — um, but I didn’t personally know about this until the band had been in existence for two-and-a-half years ... when somebody came up and said: “Have you got any?!” Any what? “Legendary pink dots.” Huh? And then he explained. A really peculiar coincidence.