My copy of Love and Loud Colours arrived this morning and, while I once had my doubts this book would ever come to fruition, I’m completely blown away. This book is fantastically done and the images are wonderful. I can’t wait to spend time with this, and there will be lots of time indeed spent with it …

      —Jon Whitney, Brainwashed


A work of beauty, artistry, magick, and mystery … Thank you, and one thousand more times thank you; and a thousand and one for each thousand and one.

The wait was well worth it. The world is blessed.

      —“M.” & Locust Girl


Mz. Janene-Nelson,

I just got the lyric book delivered to me this morning (hidden by the UPS man in the rubbish by my door) and I sat awed for an hour, looking it over. But there was a problem: I couldn’t read it because it was too beautiful for me to keep to myself. I’m going to have to round up a few more people so I can enjoy it. His work just tends to bubble up from within you and forces you to speak the lines aloud.

Bless you for your diligence and creativity. You’re as amazing as his work. Astounded.

A thousand thanks and then some.

      —L. Gallagher


It is sheer beauty. Congratulations.

      —Alexis Lightwine, Soleilmoon Recordings


I received your lovely book today and spent several hours digesting its contents to the strains of the CD contained within. I especially liked the introduction, which allows a rare glimpse of why this book is important to you — one feels perhaps (much as one would whilst listening to Ka-Spel’s lyrics) that one has been able to briefly touch the intangible yet undeniably real presence of its compiler/author. The cover art set the mood perfectly and the way some of the lyrics were incorporated into the drawings was wonderful. Thank you for sharing this bit of yourself and furthering the appreciation of the world of Edward Ka-Spel amongst others.

Love and even Louder Colours,

      —Kris Nelson


Breathtaking. Thanks very much to you and Edward for putting together such a worthy piece to express his madness within.

      —Lars Dressler


The book arrived. The tears flowed from my eyes.
You’re one of my savior.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

      —Naoki Yamaguchi


I am absolutely blown away. My expectations have been totally surpassed. I love the use of fonts, spacing, and pictures to convey the feelings and inflections of Edward’s words. I have always been mesmerized with his ability to tell a story, and you have captured that special gift on the printed page. Thank you so very much for this wonderful book … I will cherish it always.

      —Justin LaPoint


Thank you so much for the book…. It’s so rare that books these days are a work of art, but this one is exquisite and worth every penny …

      —Lucien Desar


How great the book is! I must say the way the lyrics are laid out with emphasis on some parts is, well “it’s just right” for whatever reason. The drawings and illustrations that accompany the lyrics are all as if they were meant to be. For a book filled with black and white, it’s full of love and color! I’m oh so glad to have one and surely will come to cherish it more and more over time.

      —Marc Gagnon


I just received the book — I don’t think I would be more pleased if someone handed me the original signed copy of the Ten Commandments, rocks and all. The artwork, presentation, and layout most of all truly capture what has always been (in my eyes) the essence of the Legendary Pink Dots. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone else shared that visualization with me. When the eyes pass over the pages, the songs just seem to come right out. The whole book sings. The combined effect of the content, imagery, and layout reverberate the music. It’s truly a worthy encapsulation of Edward’s gift, and that is no small achievement. Thank you so much for giving us all another piece of the treasure.

      —David Hicks


What a great overall job. This book now lives by my computer. Ribbon going on and off, as I feel it dresses the respect this book deserves.

I found myself staring at the gaping dimensions brought forth by Edward’s words, which are only enhanced by the occasional font play and fitting illustrations. I found myself at first opening the book at random, and then finally one day reading all of Part II nonstop.

Unlike the online lyric archives, this is not necessarily here to be a reference to a lost thought, or a lyric not understood. This book is more to make you want to pile through those stacks of past releases, to listen closer to that changed line in a live show, or to even dare to write a work of your own. Indeed, it seems that this is a mirror of inspiration, and a way to reflect from the depths of Edward’s lyrical world. Of course the music CD that comes with the book only spices the need for delving. I find myself hanging on every word. I feel that Edward knew this was a grand possibility (being the prophet that he is) and so I find myself laughing hysterically at the playful way he pours out yet another hint at his complex mind. Playing with me, yet respectfully, as I am open.

Yes this book will stand out, in my mind, amongst the great moments that only the Legendary Pink Dots could inspire.

      —Alexavier Strangerz


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